Psychic Scimitar




Psion/Wilder 2 [+]


Visual; see text

Mft. Time

Standard action


Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)


One psychic blade


1 min./level (D)








Sand, 129


March 2005

Other Printings

CPsi, Sand

A wraithlike, glowing scimitar shaped from your psychic might materializes and moves as you desire, allowing you to attack enemies or deliver low-level touch powers at a distance. Upon manifesting the power, you lose 2 Intelligence points that return when the power ends (even if it is negated), but not if the scimitar is destroyed. In this latter case, treat the lost Intelligence points as ability damage.

You can use a psychic scimitar to attack enemies at a distance. Attacks with a psychic scimitar are melee touch attacks that deal 1d6 points of damage. Since the blade is immaterial, your Strength modifier does not apply to the damage even if you wield the blade in your hand. If you wield the scimitar in your hand, you are treated as proficient even if you ordinarily lack proficiency with the scimitar. Other creatures cannot wield a psychic scimitar. The power gives you a +2 bonus on your melee touch attack roll, and attacking with a psychic scimitar counts normally as an attack. A psychic scimitar always strikes from your direction. The blade cannot flank targets as a creature can. The blade is incorporeal and thus cannot be harmed by normal weapons. It has improved evasion (half damage on a failed Reflex save and no damage on a successful save), your save bonuses, and a base AC of 22. Your Intelligence modifier applies to the blade's AC as if it were the scimitar's Dexterity modifier. A psychic scimitar has 4 hit points.

Alternatively, any power of 4th level or lower with a range of touch that you manifest can be delivered if you make a successful attack with a psychic scimitar. After it delivers a power, or if the blade goes beyond the power range or goes out of your sight, the blade returns to you and hovers there until given further direction.


For every 2 additional power points you spend, your psychic scimitar deals an extra 1 point of damage.