Psychometabolism (Healing)



Egoist 6 [+]


Visual, auditory, and mental

Mft. Time

1 minute


One dead and living creature touched






Will; see text






Hyper, 111


September 2004

You restore life to a deceased creature by initiating a transmigration of the dead creature's soul into the body of another living creature, as opposed to psionic revivify, which restores life to the deceased creature in its original body, assuming not too much time has passed. The receptacle body must be of the same type and can't possess more Hit Dice than the deceased creature. You can transmigrate a creature that has been dead up to one week per manifester level. In addition, the target's soul must be free and willing to return. If the target's soul is not willing to return, the power does not work. Targets who want to return receive no saving throw. If the living body is not willing to become a vessel to the returning soul, it must succeed at a saving throw; on a successful saving throw, the power does not work. (If attempting to transmigrate a dead soul into an unwilling, unsecured target, you must also make a successful melee touch attack when you finish manifesting the power.) The returned soul is considered alive again but loses a level (or 1 Constitution point, if at 1st level) when transmigrated.

Regardless of the level, gender, or other physical qualities of the living vessel, the transmigrated soul immediately begins to modify its new housing so that in a matter of just a week no physical difference exists between the transmigrated soul's original body and her new body. (She gains a +10 circumstance bonus on her Disguise check during that week if attempting to play the part of her vessel's identity.) However, when first transmigrated, she has just 1 hit point, 0 power points (if psionic), no prepared or available spells (if a spellcaster), and 1d4 points of temporary ability damage to all her ability scores except Constitution. The mental and physical ability scores of the vessel are immediately erased, including innate abilities such as psionics, and replaced with the ability scores of the transmigrated soul. Any powers, spells, or other ongoing effects still affecting the vessel now affect the transmigrated soul; it's her body now.

This power can't transmigrate a creature that has been turned into an undead creature or killed by a death effect. Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures can't be transmigrated. The power cannot bring back a creature that has died of old age.

The original soul remains encapsulated in the new body and can mentally communicate with the transmigrated soul, though it possesses no other abilities. (However, it can use its Knowledge skills to answer questions.)

At the option of the transmigrating soul, it can give the body back to the original soul. In such a case, the body's physique would revert back to its original appearance, as well. The original soul may make its own bid to reclaim its body, but only under conditions the DM determines.

Material Cost

One living body of the same creature type and of equal or lower level as the transmigrated soul.