Stabilize Construct




Shaper 8 [+]



Mft. Time

see text


One personally crafted astral construct


Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)








15, XP


Hyper, 108


September 2004

You impress a portion of your psyche into an astral construct that you have manifested using the astral construct power.

After creating an astral construct, you must manifest this power before it normally “evaporates” back into the Astral Plane (the first manifestation anchors the construct—while it is anchored, it remains inactive and unresponsive to stimuli). Stabilizing an astral construct requires one week of meditation per level of the construct (thus, a 9th-level astral construct, created with astral construct IX, requires a little more than two months of daily meditation). Daily meditation means eight hours per day, during which time this power must be manifested once per HD of the astral construct to be stabilized. When not meditating, you must rest and may perform no other activities except personal maintenance. Additional costs for special ingredients and XP are noted below.

Once a portion of your mentality is fully implanted, the construct does not “evaporate” back into the Astral Plane; it becomes your personal servant. Despite having a fraction of your Intelligence score (one-fourth, rounded down), the stabilized astral construct does nothing without orders from you. Incapable of strategy or tactics, it follows instructions explicitly. You can command your stabilized construct if within 60 feet of it, as long as it can see and hear you. If uncommanded, the stabilized construct follows its last instructions, though if attacked it returns the attack. You can give your stabilized construct simple commands to govern it until you return.

Gold Piece Cost

3,000 gp per Hit Die of the astral construct to be stabilized in crystal essences and other special but obtainable ingredients. (These materials cannot be fabricated with other uses of Metacreativity powers.)

XP Cost

120 XP per Hit Die of the astral construct to be stabilized.