Psianimate Dead

Metacreativity [evil]



Psion/Wilder 5 [+]



Mft. Time

Standard action


One or more corporeal corpses touched












Hyper, 106


September 2004

This power turns the bones or bodies of a dead creature into an undead version of its former self, one with powers that outpace undead creatures that are merely animated with arcane or divine energy (see below). The psianimated† undead creature follows your mental commands to the best of its ability (you can mentally command the undead you psianimated if within 50 feet of them, even if you do not have line of sight, though the undead cannot communicate with you). The undead remain psianimated until they are destroyed. (A destroyed psianimated undead creature can be psianimated again, if time permits and if its destruction has left sufficient body parts to work with.)

Unlike standard undead, psianimated undead remain animate only so long as you have a power point reserve of at least 1 point. When you go below 1, no matter how far away you are or how many planes removed from your creation, the psianimated undead that you've created and controlled become inert. When your power point reserve climbs to 1 or higher, your psianimated undead return to normal, assuming they haven't been destroyed in the meantime.

Regardless of the type of undead, you cannot use a single manifestation of psianimate dead to animate more HD of undead than twice your manifester level with a single use of this power. The undead creature you psianimate retains all its extraordinary abilities, but not its supernatural or spell-like abilities. The undead creature loses all class abilities, if any. The psianimated creature retains all its ability scores, except for its Constitution (which undead do not possess). The psianimated creature gains the undead type.

The undead creature you psianimate remains under your control indefinitely. However, no matter how many times you use this power (or similar powers or spells), you can control only 4 HD worth of undead creatures per manifester level. If you exceed this number, all the newly psianimated undead creatures fall under your control, but any excess undead from previous manifestations become inert (you choose which creatures become inert). Psianimated undead rendered inert in this fashion must be animated again with this power, if you desire their service once more.