Helmsman, True




Seer 6 [+]



Mft. Time

Standard action






1 hr./level (D)




Storm, 127


August 2005

As helmsman, save that your understanding and communion with the ship has reached truly unearthly levels. At this level of understanding, your mind merges with the nascent sentience of the ship's spirit, allowing you to form a powerful gestalt understanding with it.

At any point, you can redirect your senses to any part of the ship as though you were manifesting the clairvoyant sense power, though the point of viewing can move up to 30 feet per round and you gain the benefit of the specialized shipboard tremorsense (see helmsman) through that manifestation.

Moreover, you gain the ability to speak with the ship itself. The ship's personality contains elements of all the people who have captained it in its existence, so that a ship with an esteemed military past will seem to be very orderly and precise in its thoughts, while a ship that has seen generations of pirate captains is likely to be more rapacious and violence seeking.

The ship can relate its entire history, though its understanding of things outside of itself will tend to be somewhat incomplete—it can relate what the hazards of sailing into a given harbor were like, but it can't necessarily tell you what the shorefolk called that harbor.


You can augment this power in one or more of the following ways.

  1. For every 2 additional power points spent, you gain a bonus equal to one-half your manifester level for one other skill of your choice: Balance, Climb, Craft (woodworking), or Use Rope. This bonus only applies while you are on the ship in which you manifested the power.
  2. For every 4 additional power points spent, the ship speed increases by another 10 feet/round.
  3. You can spend 4 additional power points to gain tremorsense while on board the ship, allowing you to detect the presence of all creatures within 30 feet of you that are in contact with the ship.