Telepathy [evil, mind-affecting]



Psion/Wilder 6 [+]


Visual; see text

Mft. Time

Standard action


One primary target, plus one target/level (each of which must be within 30 ft. of the primary target)


Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)


1 round/level; see text (D)


Will half






Hyper, 96


September 2004

You ignite a terrible, brain-consuming fire in the mind of your foe. This fire does not burn physically—it burns in the Astral Plane where all minds connect. In fact, this mental fire can leap from mind to mind, like a natural fire leaps from treetop to treetop in a forest where the trees stand too close. The power affects a primary target, who takes 9d6 points of damage and 2 points of permanent Intelligence drain (Will save for 5d6 points of damage and 1 point of permanent Intelligence drain) on the first round of effect. On the subsequent rounds of the duration, the primary target continues to serve as the center of effect, but only takes damage as a secondary target; see below.

The raging crownfire, physically visible as a corona of silver flame, can jump to other creatures susceptible to mind-affecting effects who stand within 30 feet of the primary target and fail Will saves of their own. Each secondary victim takes 5d6 points of damage and 1 point of permanent Intelligence drain. On failed saves, secondary targets take no damage but must save again the next round, and so on, if they remain within 30 feet of the primary target.

You can choose which secondary targets fall prey to the crownfire effects (as long as they are within 30 feet of the primary target). You cannot change the choice of secondary targets once you have manifested the power upon them.


For each additional power point spent, the primary and secondary targets take an additional 1d6 points of damage, but no additional Intelligence drain. For each 2d6 points of additional damage dealt, the Difficulty Class for all targets increases by +1.