Worldthought Medic³ Access List


  • Biofeedback » Gain damage reduction 2/–.
  • Detect CompulsionHyper » You know if the target is controlled.
  • Detect Psionics » You detect the presence of psionics.
  • Elfsight » Gain low-light vision, +2 bonus on Search and Spot checks, and notice secret doors.
  • Missive » Send a one-way telepathic message to subject.
  • Sense Link » You sense what the subject senses (single sense).
  • Suppress CompulsionHyper » You attempt to free a target temporarily from another's control using conflicting signals.
  • Synesthete » You receive one kind of sense when another sense is stimulated.
  • Thicken Skin » Gain +1 enhancement bonus to your AC for 10 min./level.
  • Vigor » Gain 5 temporary hit points.





  • Adapt Body » Your body automatically adapts to hostile environments.
  • Incarnate » Make some powers permanent.
  • Leech Field » Leech power points each time you make a saving throw.
  • Power Resistance » Grant PR equal to 12 + level.
  • Psionic Revivify » Return the dead to life before the psyche leaves the corpse.
  • Psychofeedback » Boost Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution at the expense of one or more other scores.
  • Restore Extremity » Return a lost digit, limb, or other appendage to subject.
  • Tower of Iron Will » Grant PR 19 against mind-affecting powers to all creatures within 10 ft. until your next turn.





  • Affinity Field » Effects that affect you also affect others.
  • Assimilate » Incorporate creature into your own body.
  • Fusion » You combine your abilities and form with another.
  • Psychic Chirurgery » You repair psychic damage or impart knowledge of new powers.
  • Timeless Body » Ignore all harmful, and helpful, effects for 1 round.