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Clairsentience Metacreativity Psychokinesis Psychometabolism Psychoportation Telepathy

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Charm Compulsion Creation Healing Scrying Teleportation

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Acid Cold Darkness Death Electricity Evil Fear Fire Force Formbound³ Good Language-dependent Light Mind-affecting Network³ Network³ (WM only) See text Sonic

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Chaos Communication Conflict Consumption Corruption and Madness Creation Death Deception Destruction Egoist Elements Energy Evil Fate Force Formbound Spiritist³ Formbound Surger³ Freedom Good Guardian Justice Kineticist Knowledge Law Life Lightness and Darkness Lurk Magic Marksman³ Mental Power Natural World Nomad Pain and Suffering Physical Power Psion/Wilder Psychic Rogue Psychic Warrior Repose Seer Shaper Society Mind³ Telepath The Planes Thoughtsinger³ Time Worldthought Medic³

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Immediate action Swift action Standard action 1 round 2 rounds 3 rounds 1 minute 10 minutes 1 hour 8 hours 1 day 1 week see text

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Yes No n/a

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Complete Psionic Dragon Magic Expanded Psionics Handbook Faiths of Eberron Frostburn Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics Magic of Eberron Magic of Incarnum Mind's Eye Archive Player's Guide to Eberron Races of Destiny Races of Eberron Races of Stone Races of the Dragon Races of the Wild Sandstorm Secrets of Sarlona Stormwrack Weapons of Legacy